Portland Old Time Music Gathering 2020

Save the date for the 2020 Portland Old Time Music Gathering January 15-19, 2020. Our visiting Artist in Residence will be Bruce Molsky! For schedule and more info, visit our Gathering Page.

We are now accepting nominations for the Bubba Award!!!

The Bubba Award strives to honor a special person in the Northwest old-time community who has committed a good portion of his/her life to making it a fun, inspiring group to be a part of. The ideal person is someone who may often not be noticed or rewarded – perhaps because he/she serves behind the scenes and does not tend to gravitate towards the spotlight – but who has contributed something unique to the community over the years. Click here to check out past Bubba Award winners.

In vetting nominations for this award, we consider the following criteria  – tenure, service, community building, a wicked sense of humor and a unique sense of style.

Please use the following criteria to assess the “Bubba-ness” of your nominee. The more information you provide, the better the selection committee will be able to determine your nominee’s qualifications. Please nominate your Bubba by January 7, 2020!



The CD created in 2018 from Gathering recordings met a enthusiastic response at the Gathering, and has been a steady seller across the country this past year. You can order your own copy or pick one up for a gift by contacting the committee at  It will also be available at the next Gathering at the merch table.

Gathered-Album-cover      Gathered-Album-back cover