Note: This page was created by Bill Martin and has not been updated since he passed away.  We are currently working to update this page, but we’ve been dragging our feet when it comes to making changes to this website that Bill so lovingly managed.  If YOU are interested in helping us keep these pages up to date, please send an email to  In the meantime, please see the Bubbaguitar calendar and email newsletter for the most up to date info on bands playing around town!

HARDCORE – The old-time stringband sound , more or less.

KISSIN’ COUSINS – Traditional bluegrass, cajun, trad country, jazz, etc.

DEEP IN THE PUCKERBRUSH – A ways outside of Portland but in the regional community.

COUNTRY THAT PASSES THE BUBBAGUITAR TEST – The real thing, you might not like it…

BLUES & JUG – Not comprehensive, but it does reflect my own taste, that’s for sure.

DON’T ASK TO BE LISTED HERE – These intrigue King Bubba in an unexplainable way.