Come play tunes, or listen, before the dance!


EOldTimeBandvery dance night, Sophie Vitells Enloe, Isaac Enloe, and friends will lead the Every Sunday Old-Time Session beginning at 6:15. On those few nights of the season when the dance is at a different venue than the Village Ballroom, the jam will move too.

There are many ways to participate. You’re welcome just to listen, watch, and tap your toes. If you bring a stringed instrument, feel free to bust it out and join in. Tunes will be played up to speed, and all ability levels are welcome. If you’re feeling confident, come up close and play with the core group. If you’d rather hang back, test the waters, and play quietly on the edges of the jam, you’re welcome to do that too. Often the square dance band for the evening will join in. All ages are welcome to come enjoy the music, or participate in the jam, and stay for the dance!