Performer Announcements Coming Soon

The 18th Annual Portland Old-Time Music Gathering
January 11-15, 2017 at the The Tiffany Center.

Barn Owls

Aarun Carter & JonathanTrawick

Annalisa Tornfelt

Grace Forrest

Jack Dwyer

Jimmy Triplett and Friends

Missouri Turnaround

Red Yarn

Hi-O Revelers

Squirrel Butter

The Onlies

Spencer & Rains

Pete Krebs & Leslie Beia

Janie Rothfield

Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms

Cote Ouest Cajun Band

Are you getting excited? We on the organizing committee are! We expect to begin announcing our line up for the 2017 Gathering soon. Keep checking back here or follow us on Facebook  (Portland Old-Time Gathering) to get the most current announcements, postings of photos and videos, and to stay in touch throughout the year!

Donate to Support Traditional Music and Dance

The Gathering is sponsored by Bubbaville, a non-profit, all-volunteer arts organization that supports old-time music and dance in Portland, Oregon. Donations to Bubbaville help to guarantee such events as “The Portland Old-Time Music Gathering”. We provide some financial and logistical backing for musical endeavors that we have determined to be important to the further development and enrichment of the local old-time music community.

Your donation to help fund The Gathering and other worthwhile old-time music and dance efforts does so much more than provide operating funds for current events. Your generosity will ensure a long-term positive effect on old-time music and dance in the Nortwest. What we do today will enrich the world our children inherit. Our gift to them will be a legacy of wonderful music and dance. Clicking the button below will enable you to make your donation through Paypal.

Or you can make your check payable to Bubbaville, Inc., and mail it to:
PO Box 6012
Portland, OR 97228
EIN: 42-1682932
Oregon non-profit registry number: 318180-99

The Gathering’s Mission Statement

The Portland Oregon Old-Time Music Gathering is a grassroots volunteer-run festival that aims to celebrate and enrich the community of traditional old-time Appalachian style stringband musicians. We wish to create an environment where the music is as meaningful as it is when we gather to swap tunes and play in a friend’s living room or meet to play at a campsite during a summer festival. As such, we feel that it is important to keep the event non-profit and volunteer run; whether we are taking tickets, sweeping the floor, organizing an event, or playing music for a concert; we are all volunteers contributing to make this thing happen.

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