JAM SESSION at the Moon and Sixpence — 2014 NE 42nd Ave. – 7:00 – 10:00pm.
Free.  Hosts: Ken Torke (banjo) and Mark Wardenburg (fiddle)
(your last chance to purchase your POTMG wristbands at the advance ticket price – see all ticket options HERE)

OPEN JAMMING at the Hostel Café – 1810 NW Glisan –  Noon – 2am
Free.  Food & Beverage available for purchase.

Square Dance by Every Wednesday Square Dance – At the Village Ballroom – 700 Ne Dekum – 7:00 – 9:00pm.
$7.00 Sliding scale entry. EWSD Tickets are available at the door only
***This is not an official POTMG event but Every Wednesday Square Dance is a Bubbaville-sponsored sister organization – All proceeds go to support the EWSD.  Come out and dance – and show your support for dancing Every Wednesday!*** 
Band and Caller: TBA
(POTMG tickets will be available here, too, at the advance ticket price! or get them here)



CAJUN/HONKY TONK NIGHT – The Spare Room – 4830 NE 42nd Ave. – 7:30pm – 12:00pm
$5.00 admission or free with All-Inclusive POTMG Wristband (see all ticket options HERE) – 21+ only
   7:30   –   8:45 PM      Bobby and the Long Goodbyes Bobby Winstead, Jack Dwyer, Gordon Keepers, Ellie Hakanson and Kevin “Shuffle King” Major
   9:00  –  10:15 PM      Côte Ouest Cajun Band W.B. Reid, David Cahn, Jinny Macrae, Katherine Alexander, Tony Mates, Caleb Klauder
  10:30  – 12:00 PM      The Waysiders Gabrielle Macrae, Barry Southern, Joanna Macrae, Jamie Herrmann, Don Lawry

OPEN JAMMING at the Hostel Café – 1810 NW Glisan – Noon – 2am
Free!  Food & Beverage available for purchase.


CONCERT AND DANCE – The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St. – 5:00pm – 11:30pm
$15 ($18 at the door) or All-Inclusive Wristband  – see all ticket options HERE
Jamming throughout the building and bar area – Free
Doors and bar open at 5:00 PM

In the 2nd Floor Crystal Room Free!
   5:30  –   6:30 PM        The Dekum Duet – Marian Macrae Herrmann & Hanna Traynam

CONCERT:  POTMG Wristband required, Under 18 Free
Open seating starting at 6:30 in the 4th Floor Emerald Room
   7:00  –   7:45 PM        Squirrel Butter: Charmaine Slavin and Charlie Beck
   8:00  –   8:45 PM        Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones
   8:45  –   9:00 PM        Intermission/Bubba Award
   9:00  – 10:15 PM        Travis Stuart

SQUARE DANCE:  POTMG Wristband requiredUnder 18 Free
4th Floor Emerald Room — starting right after the concerts
  10:30 – 11:30 PM       Band: Cully Cutups – Featuring Reeb Willms, Caleb Klauder and Travis Stuart, Caller: Marta King

OPEN JAMMING at the Hostel Café – 1810 NW Glisan – Noon – 2am
Free! Food & Beverage available for purchase.


ALL DAY AND EVENING EVENTS –  The Tiffany Center– 1410 SW Morrison St. 11:00am-11:00pm
Afternoon activities include: 
WORKSHOPS – 2nd Floor Crystal Room East – POTMG Wristband requiredUnder 18 Free
No wristband? A ‘workshops’ stamp will be available at the box office for $5.
  12:00  – 12:50 PM      Ukulele Workshop – Lightnin’ Wells
    1:00   –  1:50 PM       Fiddle workshop – Janie Rothfield
    2:00   –  2:50 PM       Mandolin workshop – Carl Jones
    3:00   –  3:50 PM       Banjo  workshop – Travis Stuart
    4:00   –  5:30 PM       Film:  “The Winding Stream: The Carters, The Cashes and the Course of Country Music” – A film by Beth Harrington

3rd Floor Conference Room Events – Free except for Guitar workshop
  12:00 – 12:50 PM        Portland Sacred Harp Shape Note Singers – sing along
    1:00  –  1:50 PM        Song session – Rose Minkler and Steph Noll – Instruments welcome. Come and sing your favorite Old Time and Gospel songs.
    2:00  –  2:50 PM        By-Ear Harmony Singing – Leela Grace
    3:00  –  3:50 PM        Teen Jam – Host: Bow Weevils from Olympia
    4:00  –  4:50 PM        Kid’s jam/fiddle workshop – Host: Elise Engelberg
    5:00  –  6:00 PM        Beginning Finger Picking Guitar Workshop – Devin Champlin (POTMG wristband or stamp required)

This room is available for open jamming after 6PM

FAMILY EVENTS – 4th Floor Emerald Room  — Free!
  12:00  –  2:00 PM        Instrument Petting Zoo, (in the foyer) Host: Sara Ells
  12:00 – 12:50 PM        Kids’/family jam, Host: Kate O’Brien
  12:45  –  1:00 PM        Sign up for Kid’s Open Mic with Annalisa at the stage
    1:00  –  1:50 PM        
Kids’ Open Mic – Host: Annalisa Tornfelt
    2:00  –  2:50 PM        
Kids’ show – Red Yarn – Featuring Andy Furgeson & Friends
    3:00  –  3:50 PM       
Family square dance, Caller Caroline Oakley, Band: Old Time Highway
    4:00  –  4:50 PM   
     Appalachian Clogging class – Evie Ladin
    5:00  –  6:00 PM        
Slow Jam – Hosts – Portland String Band Class

ALL EVENING EVENTS: POTMG wristband required   Under 18 Free
$15 ($18 at the door) or All-Inclusive Wristband  – Tickets Available HERE
Jamming throughout the building and bar area – Free

CONCERTS – 2nd Floor Crystal Room East – open seating starts at 5:45
    6:00  –  6:50 PM       Martha Spencer
    7:00  –  7:50 PM       Lightnin’ Wells
    8:00  –  8:50 PM       The Horsenecks: Gabrielle Macrae, Barry Southern, Brian Bagdonus, Kevin Sandri
    9:00 – 10:00 PM       Hoot and Holler: Amy Alvey, Mark Kilianski

Dances with rotating bands and callers featuring some of the hottest old time musicians and callers around! No experience necessary.
Square Dances:
   7:00   –  8:00 PM        Band: Hoot & Holler: Amy Alvey, Mark Kilianski, Evie Ladin, Keith Terry.  Caller: Jane Palmieri
   8:00   –  9:00 PM        Band: The Happy Pals (Greg and Jere Canote, Carmen Ficara, Charlie Beck). Caller: Kelsey Nelson
   9:00  – 10:00 PM        Band: Skillet Licorice: Elise Engelberg, Matt Knoth, Allegra Thompson, Julay Brooks.  Caller: Amy Hofer
  10:00 – 11:00 PM        Band: Fireball String Band: Aaron Tacke, Karen Heile, Sally Jablonsky, Sonya Badigian. Caller:  Susan Michaels


ALL DAY AND EVENING EVENTS – The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St.  Noon – 10:00PM
We will have access to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors only. There will be a cafe and bar area available on the 4th floor. The Cabaret and Jamming in the common areas on these floors are Free!

THE CABARET    1:30  –   4:30 PM    Host: Brooks Masten
The sign-up sheet for Cabaret performances will be available at the Bubbaville table in the Crystal Room from 2 – 8pm on Saturday.

SUNDAY SQUARE DANCE – Emerald Room 4th Floor 7:00 – 10:00 pm
$5 admission or free with POTMG All-Inclusive Wristband

    7:00  –  8:00 PM       Flat Rock String band: Linnea Spitzer, Eric Bagdonas, Robin Wilcox, Brooks Masten.  Caller: Maggie Lind
    8:00  –  9:00 PM       Uncle Wiggily-Dave Mount, Martha Thompson, Maggie Lind, Patrick Lind, Amy Hofer. Caller: Steph Noll
    9:00 – 10:00 PM       For Old Time’s Sake- W.B Reid, Jim Mueller, Amber Mueller, Jerry Weinert. Caller: Tony Mates.

***Related but not official Gathering Events on Sunday***
Foghorn Family Band Session – at the Moon and Sixpence – 2014 NE 42nd Ave- FREE! 21+ only. Featuring past and current members of the Foghorn String Band.

Printable Schedules will be available in January
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