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JAM SESSION at the Moon and Sixpence — 2014 NE 42nd Ave. – 7:00 – 10:00pm.
Free.  Hosts: Ken Torke (banjo) and Mark Wardenburg (fiddle)
(your last chance to purchase your POTMG wristbands at the advance ticket price – see all ticket options HERE)

OPEN JAMMING at the Hostel Café – 1810 NW Glisan –  Noon – 2am
Free.  Food & Beverage available for purchase.

Square Dance by Every Wednesday Square Dance – At the Village Ballroom – 700 Ne Dekum – 7:00 – 9:00pm.  Band: Leo Shannon and Friends, caller: Robin Fischer.
$7.00 Sliding scale entry. EWSD Tickets are available at the door only
***This is not an official POTMG event but Every Wednesday Square Dance is a Bubbaville-sponsored sister organization – All proceeds go to support the EWSD.  Come out and dance – and show your support for dancing Every Wednesday!*** 
(POTMG tickets will be available here, too, at the advance ticket price! or get them here)



CAJUN/HONKY TONK NIGHT – The Spare Room – 4830 NE 42nd Ave. – 7:30pm – 12:00pm
$5.00 admission or free with All-Inclusive POTMG Wristband (see all ticket options HERE) – 21+ only
   7:30   –   8:45 PM      Bobby Winstead and the Long Goodbyes Bobby Winstead, Jack Dwyer, Gordon Keepers, Ellie Hakanson and Kevin “Shuffle King” Major
   9:00  –  10:15 PM      Côte Ouest Cajun Band W.B. Reid, David Cahn, Jinny Macrae, Katherine Alexander, Tony Mates, Caleb Klauder, Peter McCracken
  10:30  – 12:00 PM      The Waysiders Gabrielle Macrae, Barry Southern, Joanna Macrae, Jamie Herrmann, Don Lawry

Base Camp Brewing – 930 SE Oak –
The Hostel Café – 1810 NW Glisan – Noon – 2am
Free!  Food & Beverage available for purchase.


OPEN JAMMING at Culmination Brewery – 2117 NE Oregon St – 1-4pm
Free!  Food & Beverage available for purchase.  This new event is being jointly sponsored by Culmination Brewing, Oregon Mead and Cider, and Ear Trumpet Labs.  Take a break from jamming and check out the incredible microphones at Ear Trumpet, enjoy a yummy flight of cider tasting, or order lunch and a pint from Culmination.

CONCERT AND DANCE – The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St. – 5:00pm – 11:30pm
$15 ($18 at the door) or All-Inclusive Wristband  – see all ticket options HERE
Jamming throughout the building and bar area – Free
Doors and bar open at 5:00 PM

In the 2nd Floor Crystal Room Free!
   5:30  –   6:30 PM        The Dekum Duet – Marian Macrae Herrmann & Hanna Traynam

CONCERT:  POTMG Wristband required, Under 18 Free
Open seating starting at 6:30 in the 4th Floor Emerald Room
   7:00  –   7:45 PM        Squirrel Butter: Charmaine Slavin and Charlie Beck
   8:00  –   8:45 PM        Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones
   8:45  –   9:00 PM        Intermission/Bubba Award
   9:00  – 10:15 PM        Travis Stuart

SQUARE DANCE:  POTMG Wristband requiredUnder 18 Free
4th Floor Emerald Room — starting right after the concerts
  10:30 – 11:30 PM       Band: Cully Cutups – Featuring Reeb Willms, Caleb Klauder, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Bagdonus, Jay Marvin and Travis Stuart. Caller: Marta King

OPEN JAMMING at the Hostel Café – 1810 NW Glisan – Noon – 2am
Free! Food & Beverage available for purchase.


ALL DAY AND EVENING EVENTS –  The Tiffany Center– 1410 SW Morrison St. 11:00am-11:00pm
Afternoon activities include: 
WORKSHOPS – 2nd Floor Crystal Room East – POTMG Wristband requiredUnder 18 Free
No wristband? A ‘workshops’ stamp will be available at the box office for $5.
  12:00  – 12:50 PM      Ukulele Workshop: Lightnin’ Wells
    1:00   –  1:50 PM       Fiddle workshop: Janie Rothfield
    2:00   –  2:50 PM       Mandolin workshop: Carl Jones
    3:00   –  3:50 PM       Banjo  workshop: Travis Stuart
    4:00   –  5:30 PM       Film:  “The Winding Stream: The Carters, The Cashes and the Course of Country Music” – A film by Beth Harrington.  Beth will be available for Q&A following the film.

3rd Floor Conference Room Events – Free except for Fiddle workshop
  12:00 – 12:50 PM        Portland Sacred Harp Shape Note Singers – sing along
    1:00  –  1:50 PM        By-Ear Harmony Singing: Leela Grace
    2:00  –  2:50 PM        Song session: Rose Minkler and Steph Noll – Instruments welcome. Come and sing your favorite Old Time and Gospel songs
    3:00  –  3:50 PM        Teen Jam: Host: Bow Weevils from Olympia
    4:00  –  4:50 PM        Kid’s jam/fiddle workshop – Host: Elise Engelberg
    5:00  –  6:00 PM        Fiddle Workshop: The Life and Music of Melvin Wine: Erynn Marshal (with Carl Jones) (POTMG wristband or stamp required)

This room is available for open jamming after 6PM

FAMILY EVENTS – 4th Floor Emerald Room  — Free!

12:00  –  2:00 PM      Instrument Petting Zoo, (in the foyer) Host: Sara Ells
12:00  – 12:50 PM     Kids’/family jam, Host: Kate O’Brien
12:45  –  1:00 PM      Sign up for Kid’s Open Mic with Annalisa at the stage
 1:00  –  1:50 PM       Kids’ Open Mic – Host: Annalisa Tornfelt
 2:00  –  2:50 PM       Kids’ show: Red Yarn – Featuring Andy Furgeson & Friends
 3:00  –  3:50 PM       Family square dance, Caller: Caroline Oakley, Band: Old Time Highway
 4:00  –  4:50 PM       Slow Jam – Hosts: Portland String Band Class
 5:00  –  6:00 PM       Appalachian Clogging class: Evie Ladin

ALL EVENING EVENTS: POTMG wristband required   Under 18 Free. $15 ($18 at the door) or All-Inclusive Wristband  – Tickets Available HERE. Jamming throughout the building and bar area – Free

CONCERTS – 2nd Floor Crystal Room East – open seating starts at 5:45
    7:00  –  7:50 PM       Lightnin’ Wells
    8:00  –  8:50 PM       The Horsenecks: Gabrielle Macrae, Barry Southern, Brian Bagdonus, Kevin Sandri
    9:00 –  9:50 PM       Hoot and Holler: Amy Alvey, Mark Kilianski
   10:00 – 11:00 PM     Dawn Chorus Stringband: Darrow Feldstein, Camille Hartley, Jack Mazza, Scott Macwilliam, Katie Hicks

Dances with rotating bands and callers featuring some of the hottest old time musicians and callers around! No experience necessary.
Square Dances:
   7:00   –  8:00 PM        Band: Hoot & Holler: Amy Alvey, Mark Kilianski, Evie Ladin, Emily Mann.  Caller: Jane Palmieri
   8:00   –  9:00 PM        Band: The Happy Pals: Greg and Jere Canote, Carmen Ficara, Charlie Beck. Caller: Kelsey Nelson
   9:00  – 10:00 PM        Band: Skillet Licorice: Elise Engelberg, Matt Knoth, Allegra Thompson, Julay Brooks.  Caller: Amy Hofer
  10:00 – 11:00 PM        Band: Fireball String Band: Aaron Tacke, Karen Heile, Sally Jablonsky, Sonya Badigian. Caller:  Susan Michaels

OPEN JAMMING at the Hostel Café – 1810 NW Glisan – Noon – 2am
Free! Food & Beverage available for purchase.


ALL DAY AND EVENING EVENTS – The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St.  Noon – 10:00PM
We will have access to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors only. There will be a cafe and bar area available on the 4th floor. The Cabaret and Jamming in the common areas on these floors are Free!

THE CABARET    1:30  –   4:30 PM FREE!    Host: Brooks Masten
The sign-up sheet for Cabaret performances will be available at the Bubbaville table in the Crystal Room from 2 – 8pm on Saturday.

SUNDAY SQUARE DANCE – Emerald Room 4th Floor 7:00 – 10:00 pm
$5 admission or free with POTMG All-Inclusive Wristband

    7:00  –  8:00 PM       Flat Rock String band: Linnea Spitzer, Eric Bagdonas, Robin Wilcox, Brooks Masten.  Caller: Maggie Lind
    8:00  –  9:00 PM       Uncle Wiggily: Dave Mount, Martha Thompson, Maggie Lind, Patrick Lind, Amy Hofer. Caller: Steph Noll
    9:00 – 10:00 PM       For Old Time’s Sake: W.B Reid, Jim Mueller, Amber Mueller, Jerry Weinert. Caller: Tony Mates.

***Related but not official Gathering Events on Sunday***
Foghorn Family Band Session – at the Moon and Sixpence – 2014 NE 42nd Ave- FREE! 21+ only. 8:00 pm till late. Featuring past and current members of the Foghorn String Band.

OPEN JAMMING at the Hostel Café – 1810 NW Glisan – Noon – 2am
Free! Food & Beverage available for purchase.

Printable Schedule