Workshop Descriptions

Saturday, January 14

12-12:50 pm, and 1-1:50 pm

Meghan Merker  – Back-up Old Time Guitar Workshop
Ron Kane Singing While Fiddling Workshop

Cancelled :(

Meghan Merker and Ron Kane have informed us that they regretfully will not be able to participate in the Gathering this year.  Their ranch sitter is having an emergency medical situation and they are not able to find a replacement at this late date.  To further complicate matters they are snowed in in SW Montana.  We will miss them and we hope they can join us next year.

1-1:50 pm

  • Back up old time guitar workshop – Jere Canote – Tiffany Center, Crystal Room East 2nd Floor

How to keep the fiddler happy! We’ll work on a nice, solid Boom Chuck rhythm, some bass runs, and how to figure out which chords to play when! (for folks who know the basic handful of chords and can hold onto a flatpick!)

2-2:50 pm

  • Jack Dwyer Mandolin Workshop – Tiffany Center, Crystal Room East 2nd Floor

The mandolin workshop will teach some standard festival repertoire, covering a range of difficulty. We’ll go through each song phrase by phrase. Recording devices are encouraged. Also, we’ll discuss some essential techniques for playing both up tempo fiddle tunes as well as slower tunes and waltzes.

  • Nadine Landry Upright Bass Workshop – Tiffany Center, Conference Room 3rd Floor

This workshop, for intermediate players, will emphasize providing a solid rhythm for jams and band settings. Participants will get to practice good left and right hand techniques while familiarizing themselves with the fingerboard. Sure there’s gonna be lots of 1-5 but we’ll work on incorporating and understanding bass runs too! Please bring your own bass – we’re sorry we can’t provide any.

3-3:50 pm

  • Sammy Lind Fiddle Workshop – Tiffany Center, Crystal Room East 2nd Floor

This workshop is an advanced/intermediate old time fiddle workshop. Sammy will teach 2 tunes, breaking them down phrase-by-phrase, showing the bowing and relaying any historical information that is significant, or just plain hilarious. Come play some tunes!

  • Pete Peterson 3 Finger Banjo Workshop – Tiffany Center, Conference Room – 3rd Floor

We will start by learning a basic thumb-lead two-finger banjo style and then add third finger to play in Charlie Poole’s style. Poole played in a band with fiddle and guitar; Jane Rothfield (f) and Kellie Allen (g) will show how the banjo fits into a string band sound and teach some of Poole’s greatest hits. Most importantly, we hope to show how much fun one can have playing these tunes and songs.

4-5:00 pm

  • Maggie Lind Claw Hammer Banjo Workshop – Tiffany Center, Crystal Room East 2nd Floor

Claw hammer banjo workshop – Jamming Skills: This workshop is for players that have a pretty good grasp of the basic clawhammer “bum ditty” rhythm and want to improve on playing with others. We will learn one or two tunes to work on playing by ear, backing up a fiddler, and using melody, rhythm and knowledge of basic chords to make jamming more comfortable.

5-6:00 pm

  • Charlie Beck & Charmaine Slaven Cranky Show/Workshop -Tiffany Center, Conference Room 3rd Floor

Crankies are not just grumpy people, they’re a beautiful art form that visually illustrates a story or song with a moving scroll of paper or fabric, often employing shadow puppets, and lots of imagination. Join Squirrel Butter, Charlie Beck & Charmaine Slaven, as they perform a few different crankies for you, and do a bit of show and tell of their crankie theaters, shadow puppets, and hopefully get you started on creating your own!