Funding Request Guidelines

Bubbaville Purpose

Bubbaville is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer arts organization that supports old-time music and dance in Portland, Oregon.  Bubbaville was organized out of the Portland Old Time Music Gathering, a 100% volunteer organized music gathering that since 1999 has brought over 1,500 traditional musicians fans and practitioners together each year for concerts, square dances, workshops and jam sessions that celebrate traditional American string band music.  Our primary project continues to be the annual Portland Old Time Music Gathering, however, our goal is to support a growing variety of events and projects that benefit Portland’s traditional music and dance community.

Mission:  Bubbaville’s mission is to educate, provide, promote and encourage the appreciation of traditional music and dance. We strive to achieve this mission through a variety of community events, including the annual Portland Old Time Music Gathering and other programs and events that instruct, inform, stage, perform, document, photograph and record this heritage.

Funding Guidelines

  • Community members are welcome to submit requests for Bubbaville’s support of projects that promote and encourage the appreciation of traditional music and dance.
  • Funding applications should be submitted to:
  • NOTE: The funding application pdf is meant to provide you with the outline of information that we want you to provide in your proposal. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO USE THE APPLICATION PDF! You may send us your proposal to us in the body of an email, attach it to an email as a word document or a pdf (tip: copy and paste the questions from the application and fill out your request) – or snail mail us the proposal.
  • Allow 60 days for the board to respond to your proposal.
  • A representative of Bubbaville will serve as your primary contact.  This representative will confirm receipt of your funding request, inform you of the decision-making timeline, contact you with any further questions or clarifications about your proposal and inform you of the final decision regarding your request.
  • Projects that are awarded funding will receive an award letter and a contract that must be signed and returned to Bubbaville prior to payment.  Payment will be made via check to the individual or organization requesting funding.  It is your responsibility to use the funding provided by Bubbaville to pay individuals, organizations or vendors as detailed in your project budget.

Requirements & Reporting

By accepting project funding from Bubbaville, Inc. you agree to follow the mission of the organization and follow all guidelines regarding the use of monies from a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization for the event funded by this request.  In addition, we require the following from all funded projects:
All advertising or promotional material, including flyers, programs, print ads, website or email announcements must include the Bubbaville Logo with the wording “Funding Provided by Bubbaville,” “Sponsored by Bubbaville,” or an equivalent statement recognizing Bubbaville as a sponsor of the project, event, etc.
Verbal recognition of Bubbaville sponsorship at any events funded by this request.

Submission of a final report (no more than 2 pages) that answers the questions below.

Final Report

  • Date(s) of project
  • Project name and primary contact person name
  • Please provide a basic overview of the completed project, including any outcomes or success stories you would like to share.
  • Describe the impact your project had on the community and how it served Bubbaville’s mission “to educate, provide, promote and encourage the appreciation of traditional music and dance.”
    If the project included an event (or multiple events), please provide an overview of how many participants or audience members were served and any demographic information that will help us understand the audience that your project served.  If multiple events, please provide attendance info for each as well as an overall summary. (Feel free to use another sheet of paper.)
  • A description of the impact Bubbaville funding had on the project.  What was made possible because of Bubbaville’s support?
  • Provide a financial accounting of the project that demonstrates how Bubbaville funds were used. Please reference the project budget provided in your original funding request.  Be sure to note any and all expenses paid for by your funding request.

Sample Project Budget

Project Name: Banjo Extravaganza    Amount Requested: $500

Expense Amount
Doc Boggs, Rose Maddox & Lily Mae Ledford – concert performance (@ $500 each) $1500 Roscoe Holcomb, Mike Seeger – workshop instructors (2 @ $250) $500 Sound – Stew Dodge $500 Concert venue rental – Pacific Crest School $250 Workshop venue rental – Pacific Crest School $250 Advertising – Ad in Old Time Herald $200 Advertising – fliers & posters printed by Stumptown Printing $250 Refreshments for Green Room $50 Total Project Expenses$ 3,500
Income Amount
Concert Ticket Sales (100 @ $20) $2,000
Workshop Fees (40 @ $25) $1,000
*Bubbaville Funding – Workshop Scholarships (10 @ $25) $250
*Bubbaville Funding – fliers and posters by Stumptown Printers $250
Total Project Income 3,500