Bubba Kids

Portland Fiddle Camps is a summer day camp for young musicians age 6–16. Most of our campers are violin/fiddle students, but we also offer instruction for cello, guitar, and banjo. Students learn fiddle tunes and techniques, create arrangements to perform with peers, and experience the joy of jamming and dancing with friends. Taught by experienced performers and teachers, Portland Fiddle Camps offers a chance for young musicians to expand their musical horizons in a fun and supportive setting. Check out our website for more information or to register.
Portland Kids Jam is a free monthly jam open to students of all ages and levels. Hosted by a rotating cast of local fiddle teachers, the jam provides an opportunity for students to experience playing in a group and connecting with peers through music. We meet from 3:30–5:00 every third Sunday of the month during the school year at Pacific Crest Community School, 116 NE 29th Ave. Each month, one of the hosts teaches a new tune, which we play at the beginning and end of the jam. Other than that, participants are encouraged to suggest and/or lead tunes, or to pick a tune from the “tune sorting hat”. Our focus is on traditional music, with common jam tunes coming mostly from old time, bluegrass, and Irish traditions. However, players of any instrument are welcome to attend, and parents are encouraged to bring instruments and play along as well!  Oh hold till the pandemic is over.