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  here are some exciting additions and changes to the 2012 fest! Dive in and explore. As Gathering time approaches we usually have to tinker with the schedule, so come back for another visit and see what's up. Our hope is that this website will provide all the information you will need to have a great Gathering experience this year. You can help by sending questions, comments, complaints and suggetsions to  
  • Need a ride? A place to stay? This year we are suggesting that people use the Yahoo group nwoldtimemusic as a billboard to scare up and coordinate a ride or a place to stay for the Gathering.
  • Parking is limited, but buses and MAX directly serve the Scottish Rite Center on SW Morrison and SW Yamhill
  • Once again we will have a bike parking facility set up at the entrance to the Scottish Rite Center, the site of our Friday and Saturday fun.
  • To cut down on non-recyclable waste, we are requesting that you bring your own water bottle to the Scottish Rite Center.

Yes, we are asking for volunteers!
ll of us performers and organizers volunteer our time at The Gathering, but we need you to make the festival happen. Because The Gathering inspires and energizes our own old-time music and dance community and has influence throughout the Northwest and west coast, you can be sure that your contribution will be felt for years to come. There are benefits to volunteering that include free admission to paid events, and there are a variety of tasks you can help with. To volunteer or for more information, please email or fill in our handy-dandy online form.

Old-time Portland old-time, to get you in the spirit:
Selected YouTube videos from past Gatherings:

Square dancing in the ballroom at SRC, 2011
Jamming in that dark hall, basement of the Norse Hall, 2010
Molly and Dan Tenenbaum, 2011
Carl Jones, Pharis and Jason Romero, 2010

The Gathering's mission statement
he Portland Oregon Old-Time Music Gathering is a grassroots volunteer-run festival that aims to celebrate and enrich the community of traditional old-time Appalachian style stringband musicians. We wish to create an environment where the music is as meaningful as it is when we gather to swap tunes and play in a friend's living room or meet to play at a campsite during a summer festival. As such, we feel that it is important to keep the event non-profit and volunteer run; whether we are taking tickets, sweeping the floor, organizing an event, or playing music for a concert; we are all volunteers contributing to make this thing happen.


Supporting Traditional Music and Dance

he Gathering is sponsored by Bubbaville, a non-profit, all-volunteer arts organization that supports old-time music and dance in Portland, Oregon. Donations to Bubbaville help to guarantee such events as "The Portland Old-Time Music Gathering". We provide some financial and logistical backing for musical endeavors that we have determined to be important to the further development and enrichment of the local old-time music community.

Your donation to help fund The Gathering and other worthwhile old-time music and dance efforts does so much more than provide operating funds for current events. Your generosity will ensure a long-term positive effect on old-time music and dance in the Nortwest. What we do today will enrich the world our children inherit. Our gift to them will be a legacy of wonderful music and dance.

Please make your check payable to Bubbaville, Inc., and mail it to:
                 5015 NE Going Street
                 Portland, Oregon 97218

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