Pending Volunteer

Volunteer Positions:

The Gathering relies on volunteers to make this event a success.

The Gathering wouldn’t be possible without the generous help of wonderful volunteers like you. In exchange for working one (or more) two-hour shifts, you get the following perks:

  •  If you volunteer for one shift, you get free admission to all POTMG events: this includes the Thursday night party at the Spare Room, the Friday and Saturday classes, dances and concerts, and the new Sunday night POTMG square dance.
  • If you volunteer for two or more shifts, you get the free admission PLUS you can head over to the Bubbaville table on Friday or Saturday when you’re not working to pick out a previous year’s T-shirt.

Check in later for volunteer opportunities.

If you find you can’t bear to miss ANY of the events, but would love to help support the Gathering, you can donate

We need and love all our volunteers, but cash is really helpful, too.