Lisa Ornstein
has the rare gift of being both a highly respected scholar and teacher as well as a virtuoso player. She was out visiting old-time fiddlers in Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina in her teens, and was an accomplished old-time fiddler when she came to Quebec in 1978 (check out her 1977 recording Ship in the Clouds on the Smithsonian Folkways label). She spent the next 12 years immersing herself in the study, performance, and teaching of traditional French-Canadian and Acadian fiddling, both in Quebec and internationally.
Lisa is an Oberlin graduate and a former member of Quebec’s most influential traditional ensemble, La Bottine Souriante. In addition to her skills in Quebecois music, she is also is a highly respected player and teacher of the music of North Carolina fiddle legend Tommy Jarrell, who befriended her in her teens.

"Her sheer virtuosity on the instrument allows her to reveal the beauty and excitement of the music for students at every level." ~ BRUCE MOLSKY

“I have to say it was probably one of the most organized and well prepared classes I have ever attended. I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.”“The workshop was very good. Seriously, I know I learned more in that two hours than in any other similar workshop. It was very 'left brain' oriented but at the same time very holistic in its approach.”

"You are such an incredible, amazing teacher. I so appreciated all of the history you gave us of the tunes, their origins, and styles. You are a wellspring of knowledge and expertise and your willingness to share it all and to do it in such a way as to even make it possible for a struggler like me to understand and improve, is just beyond compare."


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