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Every dance figure in this website came from the list below. Get your hands on these items because many of the individual figures I divined from them are actually welded together with other figures. You may, also, interpret the figure descriptions differently than I did. Many of the books give tips on dancing style and historical or cultural placement. Also, each book gives fine usable call lines for all the figures.
Bannerman, Glenn. "Friday Night at the Barn." [Teaching guide accompanying unknown recording - I can't find my damned record. How unprofessional of me.]
_________. Evelyn and Glenn. "Big Circle Mountain Square Dance Instruction." [Teaching guide accompanying recording: Big Circle Mountain Square Dancing AR 52, 1974; Educational Activities, Inc., Box 392 Freeport, N.Y 11520]
Bonner, Frank X. "Clogging and the Appalachian Square Dance." 1st ed. Acworth, Georgia: 1983. [The Bonner Company, 2468 Baker Road, Acworth, Georgia 30101]
Dalsemer, Robert G. "West Virginia Square Dances." New York, N.Y.: Country Song and Dance Society of America, 1982.
New edition on the web, including field recordings.
Edelman, Larry. "Square Dance Caller's Workshop," pp. 12-16. Baltimore, Maryland: D&R Productions, 1991.
Gilpin, Pete, and George Stephens. "Bascom Lamar Lunsford 'Minstrel of the Appalachians'." Asheville, North Carolina: The Stephens Press, 1966.
Hendrix, David B. "Smoky Mountain Square Dances." Sevierville, Tennessee. 1941
Hipps, Harold R., and Wallace E. Chappell. "World of Fun," pp. 17- 27 and pp. 53-65. 3rd ed. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Melody House Publishing Co., 1970. [MH-130B; division of education, board of discipleship, the united methodist church]
Levin, Ida. "Kentucky Square Dances." Louisville, Kentucky: Recreational Council, 1928.
Matthews, Gail V. S. "Cutting a Dido: A Dancer's-Eye View of Mountain Dance in Haywood County, N.C." Indiana University, 1983. [master's thesis]
Napier, Patrick E. "Kentucky Mountain Square Dancing." 6th ed. Berea, Kentucky: 1983.
Rohrbough, Lynn. "American Folk Dances, Kit 49 Combined With Kit 47 - Square Dances of the Great Smoky Mountains," pp. 14-48. Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service, 1936.
Sharp, Cecil J. "The Country Dance Book, Part 5." Facsimile ed. Carshalton, Surrey, U.K.: H. Styles, 1985. [Originally published 1918]
Smith, Frank H., and Rolf E. Hovey. "The Appalachian Square Dance." Berea, Kentucky: Berea College, 1955.
In addition, I can't over-recommend the following:
Spalding, Susan Eike, and Jane Harris Woodside. "Communities in Motion: dance, community, and tradition in America's Southeast and beyond." Greenwood Press, 1995 [A lot of philosophizing about the relationship between folk and folklorist. Some good info on the history and changes of specific dances and dancers.]
"Step Back Cindy." Video directed by Anne Johnson; color, 28 minutes, Appalshop, 1991 [A loving presentation of some real ongoing Southern square dance communities.]
"Talking Feet, solo Southern dance: buck, flatfoot and tap." Video and 144pp. book produced by Mike Seeger with Ruth Pershing. color, 90 minutes. Flower Films & Video, 1998. [Highly entertaining. Simply wonderful dancing!]
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