Zigzag Old Time Campout 2019 Workshops

2019 Zigzag Old Time Workshops

We are excited to offer a variety of workshops this year.  Just like our campout, the workshops are rather casual.  Sit in on as many – or as few as you like.  All levels are welcome in the workshops.  You can even just sit in for a few minutes and listen, if you like.  Please note that the below workshop lineup is tentative and is subject to change! Schedule coming soon!

You don’t need to register in advance for the workshops. However, you do need to register for the Zigzag Campout: Register here! (Please note: link will open a Google Form.) 



Family Sing-Along with Stephanie Noll – all levels and experience welcome!

Zigzaggers of all ages are invited to participate in a family song circle.  All are welcome to bring and lead a song, but we’ll also have song sheets with chords if you prefer to just come sing (and/or play along.)  We’ll do some fun, silly songs, some good old gospel tunes that are easy to pick up, and whatever else you choose. All ages, voices, and instruments welcome.


Old Time Guitar Boom-chuck, Bass Runs and Beyond with Jere and Greg Canote – Recommended for intermediate level players.

We’ll explore the venerable Boom-Chuck Rhythm, figure out which bass notes to use, and learn the classic Bass Runs in the keys of C, D, G, & A. We’ll also learn some tricks for making good chord choices!


Favorite Old Time Songs from Charlie Pool to Uncle Dave, to Riley Puckett withJere and Greg Canote All levels.

We’ll sing our hearts out on iconic numbers from the 3 Kings of Old Time Song! From “You Ain’t Talkin’ to Me” to “Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm” to “I’m Gettin’ Ready to Go”. Song sheets provided!


Old-Time Banjo Backup with Maggie Lind – intermediate level

We’ll learn a few of the fiddle tunes that the Canotes are teaching in the morning workshops so you can jam with your campmates!

Fiddle Workshops for Kids & Teens with Kate O’Brien

This year we are offering two different 45 minute fiddle workshops for kids!

3:00pm – 3:45pm

Kids New Tune Workshop A – for all players

We will learn a tune note for note.

3:45 – 4:30

Kids New Tune + Drones Workshop B for more experienced players 

We will learn a different tune from Workshop A. This second session will be for more experienced kid fiddlers who can pick up a tune quickly. After learning the tune we will shift the focus to drones and chords. Kids are welcome to join both Workshops as long as they think it’s a good fit!


Duet Harmony Singing with Maggie & Patrick Lind beginning to intermediate

Learn songs perfect for two voices and pick up a little theory along the way. Practice some style choices that make these arrangements interesting and challenging.




Alternate Tunings- Own some tone in the drone zone! with Greg and Jere Canote Recommended for intermediate level players.

Calico tuning (AEAC# or GDGB) and DDAD have a lot to offer once your fingers find their new homes. We’ll dig into some classics of the genre!

11:00am – Noon

Sunday “JAM & TOAST” for Kids & Teens 11:00am – 12:00 led by Kate O’Brien, Maggie & Patrick Lind, and Steph Noll

All are welcome to come and jam!  We will play some common old time tunes, as well as the tunes taught at the kids’ fiddle workshop. Participants will be encouraged to suggest and lead tunes, and those who don’t know a tune will be given ideas for playing along. Grown ups who can play backup instruments (guitar, banjo, uke, etc) are also encouraged to join in.


Digging in the Tune Mines! with Greg and Jere Canote. Recommended for intermediate level players.

Tired of the same old tunes? Let’s explore some beautiful gems in G,D, and C that are screaming to be played! We’ll learn a few and also take some home!

2:30pm – 4:00pm

Carter Scratch Guitar with Patrick Lind – Intermediate Guitar

Play melody on your guitar in the style of Maybelle Carter. Learn a song or two and play the vocal part on your bass strings. Very economical! No extra soloists needed. Apologies to fiddles and banjos 🙂


Family Dance with Stephanie Noll, Maggie & Patrick Lind and Kate O’Brien

Old time fiddle music is dance music!  Come learn and dance some easy, fun, traditional (and not-so traditional) dance figures to a live square dance band. The grass will be our dance floor as we all join hands and rip and snort, swing, do si do, and chase the rabbit. All ages welcome.


Bonfire concert – camper open mic followed by faculty performances.