We are a volunteer-organized weekly square dance in Portland, OR. This is not your grandparents’ square dance! You don’t need special training or fancy clothes. Just come on out to meet people, dance, enjoy great music, and have a drink. The cost is an affordable $7: sliding scale, no maximum. All ages welcome, no experience required. The dance is usually held the Village Ballroom, but occasionally moves to Velo Cult (see schedule below). On the last Sunday of every month, the dance callers use gender-neutral instructions, avoiding words like “ladies” and “gents.” But the dance is always friendly and welcoming to all.


March 16
Peckin’ out Dough, with caller Jane Palmieri. Village Ballroom.

March 23
Horsicorn (Patrick Lind and friends), with caller Paul Silveria. Gender-neutral calling night, Village Ballroom.

March 30
The Yes Bees, featuring the legendary Sandy Bradley. With caller Tony Mates. Village Ballroom.

April 5-6: Dare to Be Square, Spring Break!
A weekend with visiting caller Susan Michaels, from Los Angeles. Special workshops for dance callers, beginning and experienced, and lots of opportunities for dancing. See this page for details.

April 6
Pork Belly Futures, with caller Susan Michaels. Village Ballroom.

April 13
The Cully Cutups, with Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms. Village Ballroom.

April 20
Uncle Wiggily, with caller Jane Palmieri. Village Ballroom.

April 27
Erik Killops and friends, with caller Caroline Oakley. Gender-neutral calling night, Village Ballroom.

May 4
Allemande Stringband, caller t.b.a. Village Ballroom.

May 11
Flat Rock Stringband, with caller Steph Noll. Village Ballroom.

May 18
Gabrielle Macrae and friends, with caller Caroline Oakley. Village Ballroom.

May 25
The Elevenses, featuring Dan and Molly Tenenbaum from Seattle (and our own Amy Hofer). Gender-neutral calling by Maggie Lind. Village Ballroom.

June 1
The Royal Stetsons, with caller Amy Hofer. Village Ballroom.

Ways You Can Support the Dance

  1. Tell your friends about the dance and send them a link to this website. You can also “like” us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/EverySundaySquareDance
  2. Bring a flyer home and put it up at your favorite spot in town.
  3. The price of admission doesn’t cover the cost of putting on the dance, so donations above and beyond the ticket price will always be appreciated and effective. You can put extra cash in the basket at the door or you can make out a check to Caroline Oakley.
  4. Come to the dance as early as possible, to share your dancing skills with the newcomers with maximum effect.