The Dare to be Square dance & music festival is coming Nov. 10-12. Check it out their site for more info!

Schedule for Sept. 6 through Dec. 27, 2017

September 6: music by Old Time Highway, calling by Caroline Oakley.

September 13: music by Cully Cut-ups, calling by Maggie Lind.

September 20: music by Missouri Turnaround, calling by Marta King.

September 27: music by Double File, calling by Jane Palmieri. Gender-neutral calling night.

October 4: caller Steph Noll, band t.b.a.

October 11: caller Caroline Oakley, band t.b.a.

October 18: caller Amy Hofer, band t.b.a.

October 25: music by Dekum Duet, caller t.b.a. Gender-neutral calling night.

November 1: t.b.a.

November 8: t.b.a.

November 10-12: it’s Dare to Be Square, a whole weekend of calling, dancing, and music right here in Portland. You can learn to call, or just dance, play, and make merry. Details at the D2BS site.

November 15: t.b.a.

November 22: t.b.a. Gender-neutral calling night.

November 29: t.b.a.

December 6: t.b.a.

December 13: t.b.a.

December 20: t.b.a.

December 27: t.b.a. Gender-neutral calling night.