Big changes this season! The dance will now be once a month, on third Sundays, September through May, from 7 to 10 p.m. 

The new three-hour length will allow us to book two bands and two callers for each dance, with the first set running from 7 to 8:30, the second from 8:30 to 10. On most months, one band and one caller will be from out of town. This is gonna be a party, folks!

Admission is on a sliding scale from $7 to $15. For more details about the individual dances please see our Facebook page.

September 23: Homecoming dance!

  • First set: music by Rat’s Gone to Rest, calling by Caroline Oakley.
  • Second set: musicians and caller t.b.a.

October 21

  • First set: band t.b.a., calling by Steph Noll.
  • Second set: Flat Rock Stringband, calling by Robin Fischer.

November 18: a gender-neutral calling night.

  • First set: music by the Portland Stringband Class Orchestra, calling by Alex McLeod.
  • Second set: music by Bubbaville artists in residence John Harrod, Brett Ratliff, and Carla Gover; calling by Kelsey Nelson.

December 16

  • First set: music by Maris Otter, calling by Susan Michaels.
  • Second set: music by The Horsenecks, calling by Marta King.

January 20: Portland Old-Time Music Gathering week! While not an official part of the festival, the dance is a great way to wrap it up.

  • First set: musicians and caller t.b.a.
  • Second set: music by Echo Mountain Stringband, calling by Amy Hofer.

February 17: a gender-neutral calling night.

  • First set: music by Missouri Turnaround, caller t.b.a.
  • Second set: music by Old Joe, calling by Maggie Lind.

March 17

  • First set: music by Dram County, with special guests David Cahn and Amy Hofer. Calling by Jane Palmieri.
  • Second set: music by the Cully Cutups, calling by Gabe Strand.

April 21

  • First set: music by T-bone and the Prime Ribs, caller t.b.a.
  • Second set: musicians and caller t.b.a.

March 19: a gender-neutral calling night.

  • Musicians and callers t.b.a.